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This is a test post for example's sake.

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Why does example get special treatment?

Puget Sound is a wrweatay and a gorgeous one indeed. It's filled with islands and surrounded by towns/cities such as Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Bellevue, Bremerton (to name a few).Prominent islands are Anderson Island, Bainbridge Island,Blake Island, Camano Island, Fidalgo Island, Fox IslandHarstine Island, Indian Island, Marrowstone Island, Maury Island , McNeil Island, Squaxin Island, Whidbey Island, and Vashon Island.Sure you can live on the islands and there are towns -ie: on Whitby Island is the town of Oak Harbor, has schools, hotels. On Vashon Island as well; there is a large state park on Marrowstone, and Indian Island is a Naval Reservation.I have a friend in Bellevue so have visited here many times and the area is magnificent. There are Bed Breakfast all over in Oak Harbor there is the Auld Holland house and on Vashon there is the Edson house.

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Bringing family wage jobs to the pennlsuias is critical to our long term economic viability It would be nice if you and council could convince the mayor that the place to start is the city employees. Unstead of temp employees and contract workers who have no stake in the community, bring a few people back. Not all, but a few, so the committed employees who survived the arbitrary lawoffs dont have to do 4 times the work for the same money. You guys have really created a labor problem of your very own, but will not admit it.

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